Help with Tags vs inline items vs both? (integration with Devonthink as well)

I think I am all in on Devonthink now as my data storage (for pdfs, etc). It is very powerful, and it has come a long way with text editing but not anywhere near Obsidian. Also since I am predominantly iOS/iPadOS the devonthink editor is pretty horrible. I am using Obsidian for my notes, using DT markdown links to link out to pdfs, and then on my iMac ultimately indexing the Obsidian folder so it is also searchable.

So, DT doesn’t seem to like YAML data and has some weird actions so I have decided not to use it. I am using some inline data with the double colon instead so this would still be accessible from Dataview. DT plays much nicer with hashtags in regular notes as well.

Is there any reason not to use the inline data and still use the hastag (allowing searching via Dataview albeit will show up with the hashtag).

Example would be
Title:: hashtag book name

-searchable via dataview
-searchable via hashtag
-shows up without much concern in DT as well

-the hashtag will be visible in my Dataview tables

(As an aside, I prefer to not use data view at all and find clicking several tags is easier, but have made a few simplistic Dataview operation that sort by “book” and “audiobook” and “in progress” etc).

Please let me know if there is something I am not considering, specifically related to workflow benefits of inline with or without hashtag and how it will integrate to Devonthink as well. Ultimately trying to be as future friendly to both apps as I can be.