Help With Simple Templater - Backlink works in body of note, but not as property

What I’m trying to do

I have a simple template that I want to insert a backlink based on the folder that the note is located in. For example a new note in Reverse Engineering/Videos To Watch would have a back link, in the note properties, to Videos To Watch which is located in Reverse Engineering/a-MOC/Videos To Watch

Things I have tried

The below code works when I put the tp.file.folder function in the note body, but not when I put it in the note properties.

See linked screenshot:

moc1: [[<% tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[0] + '/a-MOC/' + tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[1] %>]]
date: <%"YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm") %>

[[<% tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[0] + '/a-MOC/' + tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[1] %>]]

figured it out… i needed quotes outside of my backlink brackets:

"[[<% tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[0] + '/a-MOC/' + tp.file.folder(true).split('/')[1] %>]]"

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