Help with query design for collecting tags (#idea, #question, #note) throughout vault similarly to Tasks Plugin and #task

What I’m trying to do

TLDR: I would like to make a query that will aggregate certain tags (#idea, #question, #note) which are scattered throughout my notes, into a central place on my Homepage Dashboard in a fashion similar to how the Tasks Plugin gathers #task.

Long Form: I am rebuilding and improving my vault with lessons learned from the past 1.5 years of work in Obsidian. I started out just writing my notes and adding on new aspects and capabilities as a I went but now I want to make a refined system that will also include personal Task and Project management.

When I am writing in my Daily Note for instance I may have an #idea which relates to my new Obsidian Vault structure, or when I am making notes on a Zotero import from a paper I might have a #thought about a tangential topic which I want to follow-up on later. Unlike a task, these are fleeting thoughts or ideas that I want to capture at the time and not have to open a specific new note or open a modal to fill things in, instead I want to write them down and continue with the original work.

Such items are formatted like

#idea {Description Text}


  • #question {Description Text}

I have Tasks and Projects working how I want (I think/hope) and especially like how Task query is simple and returns

#task {Description Text} {Priority} {Due Date} {Link to Note}

What I would like to have is the data returned as shown in the top two callouts plus a link to the relevant note. All of this can be dynamic and not actually create it’s own .md file, just want to aggregate them in the homepage to make it easier to see what is there (and a count is nice also).

#tag {description} {Link to File}

Unfortunately, I have not found a similar, or acceptable, method for #idea, #question, or #thought and would like to see if there are any thoughts from others.

Things I have tried

I have tried several variations of Dataview and/or Obsidian Query Language based on this forum, plugin docs, Reddit, Google searchs, and even asking The closest two options that “work” are from Obsidian Help → Search but the issues is the layout is horrible and if you select the note it will scroll and that is not ideal.

tag: question

and from Dataview → extract only matched Line from Page which is great because it returns the necessary data for #question Except it also returns #idea, #task, etc. I read the Dataview docs to see how to tweak the Dataview query but what you see is actually the best I could get, even trying to use CONTAINS or != but only received errors.

TABLE Lists.text
FROM #question
WHERE file.lists
FLATTEN file.lists AS Lists

While there are other things I tried, they fell extremely short by only listing the note title with a link to the note and that’s it. This was especially annoying if there were >1 of the same tag because there would be that number in the results table.

All help is greatly appreciated!!!

(edit for clarity)

Found the solution using the Obsidian Dataview Example Vault. There is a sample query “Show all list items with a certain word as a table” that gave the solution.

TABLE L.text AS “Questions”
FLATTEN file.lists AS L
WHERE icontains(L.text, “#question”)

which returned exactly what I wanted.

Thanks to @s-blu for his vault.

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