Help with obsidian tables - transparent cells/columns

Things I have tried

Ive tried messing with my plug ins and the CSS there, to the point of deactivating all of them and its still happening. ive gone to using the default themes even, still happening. im at a loss at this point.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make a table that I can designate a cell be a certain color. but when testing noticed it wasn’t working how I wanted, or how live preview was showing me:

how live preview shows my table
this is how live preview shows my table

but when I go live, I get this:
It makes every other column transparent.

normally I wouldn’t mind, I’d take it as less coding for me to make it look better lol but in this instance, I need to be able to color code the cells. If it would help at all this is my code:

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