Help with my use case of flashcards and upgrading to "Spaced Repetitions"

What I’m trying to do

Before I knew about flashcards plugins (as the popular “Spaced Repetition”) I used my own “archaic” system:

  • all questions start with “#Q” and end with a question mark “?”
  • answers are all indented bullet points
  • questions I had difficult with were also marked with “#review” at the end.


With this I built around 1000 “#Q” questions (1 note per theme with several questions within that note) and some hundreds “#review”.
Now that I discovered the plugin Spaced Repetions I’m trying to adapt my “archaic” system to the plugin and I managed to figure out how to do it:

The problem is, I’d have to manually update all the questionsby adding a “??” between the question and the answers (as in the above printscreen). Is there a way to automate that? Or another plugin that better suits my archaic system?

Things I have tried

  • manually updating the questions

I don’t think there’s a way in core Obsidian. You could use the Regex Find/Replace Community plugin to find (\?|#review)$ and replace it with \1\n??. (In more readable terms: “Find ? or #review at the end of a line and replace it with itself followed by a newline and then ??.”)

With that plugin you’ll have to do this once for each note. There’s a plugin now that does global search and replace, but I haven’t tried it and don’t know if it supports regular expressions. You could also use an external text editor.

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This works perfectly, even though I have to repeat this for every note.
I couldn’t get the plugin “global search and replace” to work with regular expressions though, I’ll contact the developer.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If the plugin description doesn’t mention them, it probably doesn’t support them.

It’s too bad Regex Find/Replace doesn’t have the same interface as the core replace feature, which stays open at the top and keeps your terms as you move between files.

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