Help with matchinng string using "this.file.key"

Things I have tried

File 1

📆(RecurTaskScheduleDate:: Friday) 

File 2

(DateWeekday:: Friday)

WHERE contains(RecurTaskScheduleDate, "this.file.DateWeekday")
WHERE RecurTaskScheduleDate = this.file.DateWeekday
WHERE RecurTaskScheduleDate = "this.file.DateWeekday"

What I’m trying to do

Basically fully match the contents of an inline field with another one referencing the another inline field from the file itself.

Maybe WHERE RecurTaskScheduleDate = this.DateWeekday
Only the implicit fields use the prefix file (because fields related with page «metadata»); created fields don’t need this prefix.
However, you’re working with tasks and inline fields in task text are “nested” fields under the task-level (a sub-level of the “file”). But tasks queries working in both levels (file and tasks), that’s why you don’t need to distinguish RecurTaskScheduleDate with file.tasks.RecurTaskScheduleDate.

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