Help with LaTEX formula in Excalidraw

Hi guys,

maybe that’s just a normal LaTeX question and has nothing to do with excalidraw… but maybe anyways somebody can help me with that question. I couldn’t find it out myself:

How can I change the color of all lines of the equation to red? It seems, that the “&”-letter stops the red color for some reason…

\color{red}I_{1,Stern} &= U / R \
&= 230V ; / ; 2 \Omega \
&= 115A


Thanks in advance,

Have you tried additional brackets {}?

{\color{red}I_{1,Stern} &= U / R \
&= 230V ; / ; 2 \Omega \
&= 115A}

PS: use backtick symbol ` (usually under ~ on keyboard) to paste code.

yes, that doesn’t work…
if I try that, I get:

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