Help with iCloud sync to non iCloud work device

Things I have tried

I use obsidian via iCloud sync on my personal iPhone, iPad, and my iMac at home. I use synology nas to do incremental backups at home of the iCloud folder so I keep all of my data versioned, etc.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use obsidian at work, but employer does not allow iCloud instal at work. (Does allow OneDrive since we are office based, have not asked about any other sync services other than no to iCloud). While I have my nas and can manually sync from home the iCloud folder to my OneDrive which then will show up on the work folder, my mobile device is no longer in sync. I use my mobile with a shortcut to add my running daily notes during the day, so when I get home everything is out of sync.

Any thoughts of how to sync things in real time outside of obsidian sync service?

I bypassed this altogether by using Git, which is not a simple process. My Mac at home and all my iDevices are synced to a Git repository. I use the Git plugin on my Mac and Working Copy on my iPhone and iPad. I also have a copy of my vault on a flash drive. I open it on either a PC or a Mac from the flash drive and the Git plugin works there as well. The only hitch is that while I’m connected to my work VPN (working from home at the moment) I have to disconnect from the VPN or wait until I can plug the flash drive into my Mac to push to the Git repository. Plus there are occasional conflicts, always with Obsidian’s system files, never with my actual data. And of course if I lose or corrupt the flash drive, the most I’ve lost is the work between Git synchronizations (plus I have the ability to go back to earlier versions of files).

As I said, this is not a simple or intuitive solution…however, it does work quite well for me.

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