Help with File Structure


I’m struggling to figure out the best file structure for my notes. Maybe Obsidian has a feature that will help.

I work on multiple projects at work. Notes for each project are organized into a project folder and then I create a note for each day. This makes it easy to keep track of my notes chronologically and search my notes by project/date. However, my notes often cover the same topics and are not organized by topic. For example, I might have notes about budgeting spread out across several different days. I would like to find a way to compile notes by topic but also preserve a project-based chronological file without duplicating notes.

Does Obsidian have any features that can help me achieve this?


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Personally, I prefer duplication for this so I can keep a historical record of the project while also having a general set of notes that I can feel free to update.

One option would be to keep your general/topic notes in their own area and link to them (perhaps with summaries) from the project daily notes where the project-specific details live. Or you could embed the notes instead of linking to them — but then if you change them after the project is done, it will alter your historical record.

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