Help with default view mode option

I am not sure how “Default View Mode” works. I have mine set to Preview.

I hoped this option would open all existing links and files in Preview mode when you click a link or open a file. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. What happens is whatever mode you were in when you last opened a file or a link persists to the next link or file you open.

Yes, I can quickly switch view modes with a hotkey, but I prefer not to. I did review the other discussions about Default view mode before posting but didn’t find a solution.

Is there another option I can set or an update in the config file to control the default open view mode for files and links?

Do I need to make a feature request to ask if Default view mode can have additional options to help accommodate other functionality preferences?

Is this a bug?

I appreciate your help and input.

Hey Mike, just tested it and it works for me. I usually have it set to “Editor”, but I just set it to “Preview” and it works like you described.

Perhaps there’s a conflict with community plugins / community themes. Try creating a blank new vault and see if it works there with some test files.

Also after you set it to “Preview” either close and open obisidian again, or Reload the app by opening the command pallet (cmd/ctrl + p) search for “reload app”

Let me know if it works

Created a new vault in a new folder with default Obsidian settings and changed the default mode to Preview before creating any notes. No plugins or custom themes. Shut Obsidian down and reopened.

I created two notes that link to each other. If I have a note open in preview mode and open the second from the note list or the double bracket link, it opens in preview mode.

If I have a note open in edit mode and open the second from the note list or the double bracket link, it opens in edit mode. In this case, I thought the default view mode option would cause the second note to open in preview mode, but it always uses the mode the first note had before opening the second file or link.

I am using a Mac. Also on the lastest release of Obsidian:

My installer version is v0.7.4. Would that make any difference?
Or is the default view option functioning as intended, and I am misinterpreting its use?

I understand now, yeah seems like if you are in edit mode and you open a [[linked note]] still in edit mode, the next note will still be in edit mode, even if your default is preview mode. Obsidian seems to follow the mode of the previous mode unless you change it.

The default mode in my opinion is mostly useful for what you want to see when you first open Obsidian.

Personally I don’t have this workflow that you are trying to achieve, but feel free to write a new post as a “feature request” if you think there should be an additional feature to achieve this.

Thank you for your input and your time in looking at this.
I will work a feature request and see it gets any additional interest.

Thanks again for your help.

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My pleasure sounds good, best of luck with it

Did you create a feature request? I am also interested in this.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, as I have been away from the forum for a while.

It looks like the preference changed since I initially opened this discussion. The option is now “Default New Pane Mode.”

Opening links to existing files and links in a new pane always opens in Preview for me now with this preference set to Preview.

When I open a link or a file from the note list into the same pane I am currently in; it opens in the same mode the note in the existing pane had.

This behavior works well for me now. Do you have situations that aren’t working for you?