Help with DataQuery pulling from property populated by Zotero Integration Plugin

Adjust the Item Type output when the value is ‘Journal Article’

I have a template that pulls data from Zotero using the Zotero Integration plugin. I hate how the journal article displays as ‘journalarticle’, and Feralflora kindly gave me the below so that it displays correctly as an inline field.

{{itemType | replace(camelRegex, "$1 $2") | title | trim}}

However, I am now faced with the same issue when I pull data from the note to a dataquery table. I do have the above in a property called item-type, but it doesn’t work there (only in the inline field) which means I am getting ‘journalarticle’ instead of ‘Journal Article’ in my table.

I have googled and wasted hours with ChatGPT, but cannot figure it out. Can anyone help?

My Query is currently:

TABLE without ID AS "Source", authors AS "Authors(s)", Item-Type AS "Item Type", Reading-Status as “Status”
FROM "Reading/Reading Notes”
WHERE contains(primary-task, "narrative") = true