Help with contents page that lists every page in my vault

What I’m trying to do

TLDR: How to search for all pages not referenced in “contents page”

I am trying to create a contents page, and ensure that in my contents page, I have every page that I have created. Since there are a few hundred this is pretty tricky to manage manually.

Things I have tried

What I can do so far.

  • search “path:/” to get all my pages (and in settings > Files and Links I added my “attachments” to “Excluded files”)

After that I am a bit stuck. I feel like I am close to a solution, but not quite there.

I’ve tried using the “tasks” plugin. My thinking being that with my complete list of pages, I can turn that into a task list. And somehow, on my contents page I can check off the pages that have been organised, and this would check the item off on my complete pages list. Then I can search for “not done” tasks to get the ones that aren’t added yet.

Anyway, the logic of this falls apart. I can’t quite wrap my head around the problem.

Trying to think logically, the process I require is.

  • logic
    • get list of all pages in vault
    • filter list of all pages by “inContentsPage” or “notInContentsPage”
    • that would be great!

While trying to work this out with the “tasks” plugin, an issue I hit is with adding new pages, since I wouldn’t want to copy over my existing complete task list and lose the task completed state

  • Logic
    • I need some way to get list of all pages in vault NOT listed in “all”

In fact, doing this last but would solve me entire problem in one go. I could just search

  • get list of all pages in vault not in the “contents” page

I was using the “All Pages” option as a middle step because I don’t think that kind of search is possible…

I’ll leave my thinking here in case this can help anyone help me find a solution.

Thanks all, really appreciate it!

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Hi all… I’ve worked it out! Here is the solution.

Using dataview plugin, I can create a page with the following code. It lists all pages not referenced in the “contents” page.


FROM -outgoing([[Contents]])


You can embed that search in the page: Search - Obsidian Help

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