Help with callouts

Things I have tried

  • callouts with title
  • callouts without title
  • callouts foldable
  • all of the above in safe mode after restarting

What I’m trying to do

My callouts are showing as a single color body, there is not change between the title and the body of the callout unlike every example I see in the documentation and other people screenshots

Hi arochere,

Are you formatting your callouts correctly? The source should look like this:

> [!NOTE] Title
> Text

The reading mode should look like this:

Using the sandbox vault, these callouts show up in color for me:

It’s also possible that your theme might be interfering – have you tried with the default theme?

I guess they pointing to the “old style” (with differences between title and content inside callout):

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I am guessing it is indeed the old style, thanks for that. The documentation shows the old style and I was wondering if something was wrong. I actually do like separating the bgcolor for the title and the background.

thanks for all the answers!

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