Help with adding link to unlinked mention

Hello there,

I am fairly new to Obsidian, still trying things out and experimenting. I have now several vaults with different setups.

What I’m trying to do

When I am looking at a note, I see linked mentions and then unlinked mentions of the topic of the note in the right hand sidebar. In one of my (experimental) vaults, when I hover over an ‘unlinked mention’, a ‘Link’ button pops up and I can click there to link. Now I would like to have this feature also in my main vault, where I start keeping the notes and information I want to work with. Unfortunately, I can not see a similar link there.

Things I have tried

I started to compare all the settings in the vault with the link button to the vault where the button is not showing, but could not identify a specific setting that would enable this.
So if anybody knows how to activate this feature, please tell me!

What you are looking for is the backlinks-function. It typically lives in the right-hand sidebar. Look for an icon that shows a chain-symbol with an arrow pointing left.

Hi TexTerry,
Thanks for pointing this out. I am in fact in both cases looking at the ‘backlinks’ tab, under the ‘Unlinked mentions’ section. There are matches which have not yet been linked, In one of my vaults, when I hover over one of these matches, I get a small button, which says ‘Link’. I can click there and the link gets inserted into the note, and the note is upgraded to the ‘Linked mentions’ section. What I am trying to find out is why I do not have this in another vault? What could be the cause for this difference?

Replying to myself here, to mention that I just found a solution to this problem:
I started with a new, empty vault, copied all my notes over (outside of Obsidian), then re-installed the plugins I am using – all of them.
With this renewed setup, I can confirm that the problem has gone away. It might have been doing to some large subfolders I have added and removed a few times while experimenting with the format.