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Hi everyone!

I’d like to know the syntax in Dataview (I have looked but can’t quite figure this one out) where it searches notes that were NOT created in the current day…?


WHERE file.cday != date(today)

Note that this doesn’t work with TASK queries, because in TASK queries the filter WHERE (added in the last versions) seems to not work with in the same way with ‘pages’.
It these cases the WHERE filter priority seems to be ‘tasks’, not ‘pages’ (files/notes).
To works seems necessary to add another “file” before. Something like this:

FROM "Daily"
WHERE !completed AND file.file.cday != date(today)

YES!!! thank you so much!

One thing that’s interesting about this, although certainly not a dealbreaker, is that if I check off a task that shows up from this Dataview query, it DOES check it off in the original daily note, but it does not register the date completed, whereas if I do navigate to the original note and check it, it does … Any thoughts as to why?

Maybe because the “date completed” is given by another plugin (plugin «Tasks»?), not a default Obsidian feature.

Regardless, I’m thrilled this works. Thank you!

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