Help website and Obsidian App on macOS full of '?' after uptate to v1.3.4

website error

Days ago I lanched and I found it can’t show characters correctly but is full of ‘?’ in a square just like the screenshot bellow.

macOS app error

Then today I update the application on my Macbook, and the application acts the same way as the help website.

My Macbook’s info is:

  • Macbook pro 14’
  • M1 pro Apple Silicon
  • running macOS ventura ver13.4 (22F66)

chrome v.s. safari

By the way, the help website work well on Safari browser

So I’m thinking if it’s because of the chromium core or something in obsidian?
My chrome version: 113.0.5672.126(stable) (arm64)
My safari version: ver16.5 (18615.

Is there someway to solve this problem?

This seems something specific to your system or chrome.
Maybe you have some broken font?

OK, I found it’s one of my Chinese font broken. I remove it and everything is ok.
On my computer, it’s the first font in the font select list.
So I guess it will automatically be used if I don’t set a specific font?
I will close this issue, thanks a lot!

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