Help Using Regex search within Obsidian

Help! Trying to use Regex in Obsidian. I have learned a couple of expressions but unable to implement. Is there a specific character or command or plugin that I might need before using Regex?

I have tried using the / and \ characters, but could not get any result in the search box.

Thank you

Things I have tried

You need to put the expression between / .
What expression have you tried ?

Thanks Anwen,
Here’s what I have tried for the following purpose. My apology I should have stated original.
I have several thousand files prefixed by date in the following format yyyymmdd.
I am trying to find all files for the year 2017 and which contains the word “doctorate”.
Here are some of the expressions I have attempted.

/2\0\1\7\d\d\d\d/ doctorate


regex /2017\d\d\d\d/

Thanks again!

Which ends with a link to a more detailed guide to the flavor of regular expressions supports.

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Also to search in note names you can use file:2017.

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Thanks, I will try your suggestion and provide feedback.