Help to connect Zotero with Obsidian

Hi Everyone,

since 4 months I work with Obsidian, so I am still a real newbie here.

I am studying again and take academic notes in Obsidian, for this, I tried to connect Zotero with Obsidian using the Zotero Integration Plugin. But without success. Since I tried out everything I could find zu solve the Problem I startet new today 10/12/2022 and deleted every Zotero-File on my Computer and

  • updated Obsidian,
    -reinstalled the Zotero Integration Plugin
    -reinstalled the latest release of Zotero
    -reintsalled the latest release of the Zotero Plugin BetterBibTeX

To setup everything I followed this guy:
Zotero Obsidian Integration - YouTube

To create the Template I just copied parts from here:

Even if I change things in the template acording to other templates I found in this forum, it does not work. Also there is no success, if I set other preferences in Zotero or in the Zotero integration Plugin.

Always this error apears:

Does someone knows whats the Problem and how to solve it?

I would be so thankful to get help here, since I tried for hours and hours to connect Zotero and Obsidian, without success.

Thank you in Advance!

The Zotero-Integration-Plugin has updated which solved this problem.

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