Help! Sync creates new duplicate pages automatically

What I’m trying to do

Since I updated to V1.4.14, Obsidian creates new duplicate pages (of the page I’m working on) every time Box syncs (my Obsidian folder is in Box). It’s crazy. I now have ten different pages with the same title (except it adds my Box email address and a number to the title). I can go ahead and delete them one by one by it is extremely confusing.

Is this a problem with the new version? Is this a problem with storing my folder in Box? Please help!!

Things I have tried

I haven’t tried anything yet. I’m new to Obsidian, and I’m afraid I will delete all my work if I move the folder out of Box. Please help!

You can alleviate this fear with backups. At the very least you can copy the vault to another location, but here are some more long-term solutions:

Easy directions to setup local backups:

Links about online backups:

(Note that sync isn’t backup.

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