Help Please - all my text is centered not left justified

I have searched the web and in the help section for the answer to fix it. I looked in the settings and could not find anything that looked like a solution. I am so new that I do not have any idea what else to try.

I noticed that everything in my Obsidian is in the center of the page. So far I love Obsidian so much, what little I know of it, I downloaded it onto my daughter's computer and saw her text is left justified.

I’m trying to - make my text left justified.

I am sure the solution is simple but I can't find it. Any and all assistance would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks in advance.

And, if there is some place I should have looked and didn’t please let me know, I am open to all suggestions and corrective actions.

  1. Do you mean the text is all center-aligned? Or that the text is left-aligned, but placed in the center of the screen with space surrounding it?

Go to Settings → Editor → “Readable line length”. This adds margin on both sides of the text, so that it puts it more in the center. But everything should still be left-aligned in the text itself.

If you turn that option off, maybe that’s what you mean?

  1. Did you maybe turn on a custom theme?

Go to Settings → Appearance → Themes, and click “Manage”.

It will bring you to a screen where you can select colors and themes.

“Default” is the default theme. If you set it to something else, that might be why all the text is centered.

If it isn’t any of that, can you please post a screenshot?

You are my favorite! Thanks so very much. I was playing around a few weeks ago when I first started and must have turned on “readable line length” thinking that would be a good thing. The first suggestion fixed my issue. :smiley:

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