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I want to know more about this [obsidian://] specific type of internal links; is it possible to open a vault by clicking on such links?
I’m trying to write a complete beginners guide to Obsidian and wanted to know if I can create a hyperlink that automatically opens a vault on Obsidian using a relative path.
For example, I have 3 folders (separately initialized as a vault), The user will open the main file, After clicking on a hyperlinked text, Obsidian will change the vault to another folder.
is it possible? if no, how can I get more info on obsidian://, is this type of link only used to open plugin page? (obsidian://show-plugin?id=)

Yes, those links can open vaults, open them to a specific note, and more. Did you want to know more than is in the documentation, or does that answer your questions?

Thank you so much, I didn’t see this :sweat_smile:
But is it possible to use a relative path? I want it to open on any computer after extraction (all directories are inside a .zip file) How can I do that?
And another problem is that I wrote a hyperlink like:
(Open Vault)[obsidian://open?vault=Folder%20-%20Name] but it’s not working on Windows (the folder name is: Folder - Name), the Obsidian is closed and I’m trying to open it by clicking on the link in VScode.

The answers you seek are in the link. :slight_smile:

If I remember right, the paths are all relative to the vault root, so they should work regardless of where the vault is, as long as you’ve connected the vault to Obsidian. I think you can also just give it a note name. Anyway, it’s all documented.

In the upper-right menu of each note is an option to Copy Obsidian URL. Does the link you get from that work?

It works inside the Obsidian itself but not on the VScode, clicking on the link does nothing.
Maybe it’s a bug, don’t know… Thank you anyway <3

Do normal web URLs (like the address of this conversation) work when you click them in VScode?

There was someone else in the forum having trouble with Obisidian URLs in the last few months (I think). I don’t know if they ever found a solution, but have a search and see what comes up.

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