Help on embedding a callout from another page


I ve read how to embed a page ![…] and i also use the same with #id
But now i ve another question.

I would like to start a “decision journal”, which basically show what i did a year before.
I just need to embed a part, which to my dismay is not a Heading.
it s a callout → [!ABSTRACT] Summary of the day

I tried to add a # after Summary, but the embedding#id is not working

is there a workaround?


You should be able to use a block id to embed a callout. It can be auto-generated (like this one) or a name of your choosing.

Type ![[ → start typing the name of the note and you’ll get note suggestions → arrow key to the note but don’t type enter/return

→ type ^ → choose the block → type enter/return.

The callout in the main note:

> [!example] journal
> - one
> - two
> - three


The embed:


Thanks! this helped a lot…

Hello Ariehen,

I ask something a bit outside the scope of this tread, but i think it useful to have them together

my daily template is

Notes of {{DATE:dddd, DD-MM-YY}}

[!ABSTRACT]+ Summary of the day

  • 1 win from the day
  • 1 point of tension, anxiety, or stress
  • 1 point of gratitude

and so on.

Under the summary of the day of the current year
I would like to have embeded the “summary of the day of Year -1, -2…”

now i know i can call it with the [[ + ^
but is there a way to add it into a template?
On this post i’ve learn the smart trick of “one year ago”

path:Planner file:"{{date:-MM-DD}}" -file:"{{date:YYYY}}-"

How can i add the specific section with the above trick? 



It’s best to open a new topic for a different issue, especially one that has been marked as solved :white_check_mark:. Then others will be more likely to jump in and offer suggestions.

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