Help, Obsidian stopped working on my pc yesterday

‘eperm: operation not permitted, watch c:\myname\Documents\My Music’ and then the program just seems to spin. re

Anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this?


That’s a confusing error message. Was there an Obsidian vault in that folder or something?

Have you tried reinstalling?

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Nope. It is a very strange message. I did try re-installing, and in a different directory.

Did the second install work?

no, it didn’t. I abandoned my work computer and am now working off my personal laptop.

Sounds like a permission error. Do you have full permission on your work computer?

I’m having the same issue. I have my entire Documents folder opened as a vault. It was working fine for a while, and this issue seemed to happen out of the blue not too long ago.

What’s even more confusing is that I’m using a personal computer, and I don’t have a folder named “My Music” or “My Pictures” in my Documents folder at all.