Help needed - Any one using Bear along with Obsidian (via Bear-Export-Markdown by Andy Matuschak)?

Some Background

I have been using the Bear-Markdown-Export script shared by Andy Matuschak.

Why use Bear along with Obsidian?
Some folks in the community have mentioned this. I’m mainly driven by three reasons:

  • Bear has good UI and excellent mobile apps (iPadOS and iOS)
  • floating windows across multiple screens
  • Suitable for lightweight note-taking

Recently I found a fork that optimizes for using Bear with Obsidian (prevent overwriting of Obsidian settings folder) by janpeeters70.

Question/Help Needed

To have a seamless experience of using Bear with Obsidian requires setting up Launch Agent (macOS) to regularly run the script provided by Andy. I set this up using LaunchControl. This setup worked for some time until the recent Big Sur update.

Permission errors

I run into two types of permission errors.

Obsidian cannot write to the files exported out of Bear, which is a folder in my Obsidian Vault. It seems that may have something to do with my use of sudo to run the export script. Simultaneously, the Dropbox app loses permission to write the files(my Obsidian vault is in my Dropbox folder).

  • In response, I will grant Dropbox permission to write (using sudo again). This seems to fix the issue. However, then Bear-Markdown-Export script loses the permission to write files.

As a result, I have to manually run sudo commands every time I want to sync notes in Bear with notes in my Obsidian vault.

I understand these issues might have to do with my lack of knowledge in programming. But any tips and advice would be appreciated!