Help me with hiding the last remaining parts of the title bar?

I have tried to do it via settings. In apprearances, title bar is set to hidden but some of it still visible.

This may be becauase of my theme, which is just bit of CSS I copied and pasted over time. I really dont want to get rid of.

I dont know any CSS. If someone can share with me a small snippet that can hide it, that would great!

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is how to hide it:

  1. open obsidian
  2. open DevTools: CMD+OPT+I (on Mac) or F12 (on Windows)
  3. hover your mouse over the listed Elements (in DevTools). You will have to expand div class="app-container" to drill down. Each hovered element will turn blue in the Obsidian window.

^ This will show you which Elements are causing that top-space.


Now, in that same DevTools window, you can change/add Styles for each element (top-right corner).

In your case, the cause will probably be:

  • an element with margin-top or padding-top (causing that blank space). Set its property to margin-top: 0px; or padding-top: 0px;
  • an element displaying that “To download public links…” line. Set its property to display: none;

Add those new rules to your CSS snippet.

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Hey that worked!
what do you know, I learnt something.
Thanks so much, for walking me through this!!

Hey good job, making it work.

DevTools is fun, playing with the colors and sizes of everything.

You’re making your own theme :surfing_man:

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