Help me to find a method like PPV vault system

Obsidian second brain vs PPV knowledge management system(Notion)… And i decided to Use both
notion for task project management and obsidian for second brain(vault).

Now i have no idea about obsidian.Also about zettelkasten method (second brain)
I like the idea in vault system. where your take idea notes by reading watching listing
and put into some areas like (deception, business, friend) overtime it’s become huge knowledge vault.
Now in obsidian can i do similar to this or even better method exist?
if yes what is that how to learn that.Also how to learn obsidian any video recommendation similar to this or that method or any youtubers to follow…
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated❤️


I’ve started implementing PPV in full, here’s the skeleton vault with templates, dashboards and folder structure: tot0/ObsidianPPV: PPV implementation for Obsidian (

Definitely not finished yet, will be working on it throughout first half of 2022.


This looks pretty great, @luup. I’m fairly new to PPV, but I spent several days building it out in Notion after watching all of August Bradley’s videos. Despite my lack of javascript experience (and CSS), I may be able to contribute some. At the very least, I’ll monitor this closely. MetaEdit (plugin) may be useful for this too.

The thing I most want to replicate is the ease to which I can input my daily tracking and perform my weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. It is incredibly quick on Notion.


it looks very interesting from what i looked up. i wonder is it possible to build it in obsidian fully (no part in notion)

Hi @luup,
I just took a deeper look and this is really great! It looks like Years and Daily Tracking are next up?

Anyway, this is looking really good. I’m definitely going to lose myself in it this weekend. Maybe transition away from Notion altogether.

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This is really impressive. It helps me see what would go into building this all in Obsidian.

I wonder what it would take to make something like this idiot-proof (referring to myself and my lack of any knowledge of javascript). Just having those customjs buttons is really cool, but I’m afraid of breaking it :unamused: Do you think it would be reasonable for someone like me to implement this in Obsidian, or would I just be asking for trouble?

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The idea with the public repo is so anyone can clone it use it as their main vault. When they need a feature or have a fun dashboard idea they can build it out, and create a Pull Request on the repo adding it to the core system.
Add features does require some knowledge of javascript, copy pasting dataview code from other places should be possible for most. I would love for it become idiot proof, i.e. it’s all nice UI and no code interaction needed, hopefully with time and help :slight_smile:

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I have a few questions. What format do you use for total sleep? is it 6 hours 5 minutes or 6.5 or something else? Also where do you get the sleep efficiency number?

Is Objective the same as Value goals? Also what do the numbers that come up as the title of the note? Do you change it to a title or just use the Alias for the title.

Total Sleep is format in Daily Notes as 6:35, h:mm. The Graphing helpers will parse this by splitting on : and then turning the minutes into a decimal fraction for easier graphing. So 6:30 becomes 6.5 on the graph.
The efficiency number (and all the sleep stats) come from Autosleep the iOS app I use to track my sleep (Apple Watch as the sensor).

Objective is the same as Value Goal and Outcome is the same as Goal Outcome.

The numbers that are used as the default new note name for buttons are the yyyymmddHHMMSS, so the exact second it was created, this was an easy zettlekasten-esk unique identifier to use. The date format used for the New Note Buttons can be customized using an argument, see the New Week/New Day buttons as an example.
For Things in the Pipelines vaults (except Action Items) I do change it (so for Projects, Outcomes, Objectives) and other vaults where it makes sense like People. I use alias[0] for Action Items since I thought there are so many Actions and some have names not great for a file system or the same names as others, so a unique identifier is easier. I would like better support for using the Notes H1 as the alias by default, though, so I don’t have to explicitly fill in alias and H1 with the same info.

Thank you! That makes sense.

Just wondering if you have made any more progress on the repo. Also how are you using the Objectives as part of the system? Is there any way to use Quickadd plug to automotically add the title to actions, projects, etc?

As someone who has been using PPV on and off for the past 20 months, I am also interested in whether it can be fully implemented in Obsidian.

August Bradley seems to advocate Notion so much because PPV is (apparently) only possible in Notion.

I’m going on vacation next week and plan to spend some time touching it up and getting some of the missing pieces filled in. It’s longer than I wanted since last serious maintenance and I’m feeling it in my LifeOS :slight_smile:

Objectives are a direct equivalent to Value Goals in PPV, a high level expression of what you want to be or have, what you want to happen. Outcomes being the measurable changes you believe will result in your chosen Objectives.

I’m sure Quickadd could be used to setup certain key macros for different entities (elements in Databases) in the System, I’ve setup some of those automatic actions on buttons but it’s clunky and doing multiple edits to a file just created using metaedit has been unstable for me. Quickadd might be that way, though I’d like to have per entity linting rules that apply on explicit save (I have one setup to add date information for Full Calendar, but it applies to all Nodes which isn’t ideal). With this one could use a button to create a new Entity (Action, Project, Objective) and enter all the important information once/in metadata fields then hit save and have everything else done to make other plugins work (set title metdata from H1, set file name from H1 (or whatever zettle identifer), insert datetime informaiton if it’s a scheduled Action, so on).

I’ll where I can get to over the next week, at least I can try and define some of the work I’d like to do on the GitHub in the hope other might pick it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious what parts of PPV you think will be troublesome to implement in Obsidian? My Vault definitely hasn’t implemented all of PPVs Vaults and relationsips to surface in context, but so far I haven’t thought of anything that’s not possible.
The problem is that some things are only possible today if you know some css or some javascript so you can combine plugins together in deeper ways. I’d like to get to the point where there is a mostly visual interface for creating Vaults, setting typed properties and querying across Vaults with all the nice filtering.

Thank you for response. I am so appreciative of all the work you have done in this. Way beyond my level of understanding since I have no scripting experience. I have learned a lot just by looking at how you use the js files to automate things.

One thing I have been playing with the last few days is based on your getNewActionButtonContextAware script to automate the links between the objectives, outcomes projects & actions. Being able to have it self populate in the next page saves time & hassle. I tried to figure out how to use the breadcrumbs plugin to link them, but struggled with how to automate that. Please don’t feel pressured, I just have really enjoyed using your setup and am excited for what’s next.

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Well, I don’t really know if it’d be troublesome as I haven’t tried it.

Perhaps the databases and roll-ups? Especially as it pertains to the Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Reviews.

Would you be able to look at any of these videos and let me know if it’s possible to implement this in Obsidian?


I am keen on trying out your implementation of PPV in Obsidian but there is also another implementation by EliWimmer: GitHub - EliWimmer/Obsmd-Life-Manager

I am not sure which one to try or which one replicates PPV closer.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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I’ll take a looks at EliWimmers repo, haven’t seen it before :slight_smile:

Regarding Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Reviews I think every is doable with Dataview in Obsidian. There’s even charts!
I’ll be pushing more of what I’ve put together so far for Weekly Reviews over the next week, I think there’s already some Rollups/Tables there though. It’s definitely fiddlier than Notion, but much more flexible once you learn how to use Dataview APIs in conjunction with Javascript arrays/loops.

Just pushed some changes to the Weekly and Monthly Review templates, aggregates Pipeline Information, some of the Vaults I use, and Rolls up various fields from the Daily/Weekly Templates.