Help me to find a method like PPV vault system

Obsidian second brain vs PPV knowledge management system(Notion)… And i decided to Use both
notion for task project management and obsidian for second brain(vault).

Now i have no idea about obsidian.Also about zettelkasten method (second brain)
I like the idea in vault system. where your take idea notes by reading watching listing
and put into some areas like (deception, business, friend) overtime it’s become huge knowledge vault.
Now in obsidian can i do similar to this or even better method exist?
if yes what is that how to learn that.Also how to learn obsidian any video recommendation similar to this or that method or any youtubers to follow…
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated❤️

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I’ve started implementing PPV in full, here’s the skeleton vault with templates, dashboards and folder structure: tot0/ObsidianPPV: PPV implementation for Obsidian (

Definitely not finished yet, will be working on it throughout first half of 2022.

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This looks pretty great, @luup. I’m fairly new to PPV, but I spent several days building it out in Notion after watching all of August Bradley’s videos. Despite my lack of javascript experience (and CSS), I may be able to contribute some. At the very least, I’ll monitor this closely. MetaEdit (plugin) may be useful for this too.

The thing I most want to replicate is the ease to which I can input my daily tracking and perform my weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. It is incredibly quick on Notion.

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it looks very interesting from what i looked up. i wonder is it possible to build it in obsidian fully (no part in notion)

Hi @luup,
I just took a deeper look and this is really great! It looks like Years and Daily Tracking are next up?

Anyway, this is looking really good. I’m definitely going to lose myself in it this weekend. Maybe transition away from Notion altogether.