Help me integrate Obsidian with my Android app | React Native Develpment

What I’m trying to do

I want to integrate Obsidian to my Android app (written in React Native):
This is what I want to obtain:
→ User click share in an Obsidian page
→ User click my app icon
→ Using the library react-native-receive-sharing-intent I receive the following object in my app:

    "contentUri": "content://md.obsidian.fileprovider/my_images/Documents/MyVault/Folder1/", 
    "fileName": "", 
    "filePath": "/data/user/0/com.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx/cache/",
    "mimeType": "text/markdown", 
    "subject": null, 
    "text": null, 
    "weblink": null

→ My goal now is to be able to reopen the same file from my App to Obsidian

Things I have tried

I read this, and this works:


The problem is:

Starting from the contentUri string, how can I programmatically understand which is the Vault and which is the file? There may be different sub folders.

I tried with the path parameters with no success:


Any idea?

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