Help me improve my dream journal with Graph View (clearer links?)


Even if you ignore the dream stuff, this is actually a post about being able to easily see connections in Graph View. So bear with me.

I’d love to harness Obsidian’s Graph View to explore connections between my dreams and the symbols they contain.
When I record my dreams, I give them a title, an entry in a MOC, and at the end of each note, I list out a bunch of symbols as internal links.

For example, let’s say I had a dream where I took a picture of my dad in front of a tree. I’d write:
Symbols: [[tree]], [[Dad]], [[camera]]

Then, if I have another dream later on with a camera, I’ll want to be able to easily notice the connection between the 2 dreams in the Graph View. It works in theory, but it’s just… kind of a mess at the moment. I don’t have any fancy plugins installed, so it’s just a default network of gray dots.

Any tips for Graph View settings, plugins, etc, that would make this clearer for me? Or any other general Obsidian workflow tips that could accomplish the same goal in a better way?

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