Help me Help Myself (Hahaha)

I have a somewhat unique situation but im sure that many users are facing the same setbacks that i am.

I have BPD and bad ADHD, i take a medication called vyvanse which is a medication like concerta or ritalin but its chemical base is very different, so the concentration effect is very different to normal adhd meds.

What happens to me is that i am so hyperfocused that i actually went ‘so far right that im now left’ ahaha. What i mean is that my mind races and i think of so many things at once that i loose myself in tangents very quickly. My thoughts create other branches of thoughts.


Looking at javascript code to write a function for a script ----->
Web search for the above leads to------->
Intellisence for vscode-------->
Stuck browsing extensions for no reason ------>
Thought pops in my mind to find a type of midi plugin for audio software (Hobby)----->
Thinking about building music production template------->
Youtube video search for the above-------->
then watching video about structing chords in songwrting------->
then remembers JS code but cant find the web tabe after 30 tabs open

Im sure it sounds stupid but its pretty debilitating, dont get me started on the rabbit hole of customising obsidian.

Im looking for a lean lightweight plugin build that i can use to :

  • Save ideas quickly through apple shortcuts
  • Set Task/challenge im trying to complete - I need to track this somehow like a wakatime/ completness thingy
  • I need obsidian to parse those idea notes and assign backlinks and if possible automated ‘move to folders’
  • It would be nice to build some kind of macro database of my information somehow
    • im really enjoying using chatgpt to help me with my workload as well as help me understand or complet things that i dont understand.
    • Mainly chatgpt is working as a ‘code generator’ for me
    • If possible i would like to also backlink and organise these chats

I feel that i have so many great ideas so many great thought that if i can at least save them and start building a network of my head over time i can keep adding untill i have a good grasp of the things i think about. as it stands i don think about things long enough to learn or understand or derive something productive.

hope you guys get my drift.

Seeing as though its a big ask im happy to pay someone $20 (a coffee) for a workable solution, im not asking you to complety design an obsidian vault for me but just help me with the frame work ie templates, plugins etc.

Thnaks guys

Love this app

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Thanks for the awesome reply man.

Listen I’m actually in total agreement with your opinions. I hate medication and I hate the business that’s been built around it.

So please believe me if I could walk away I would. Sadly I’m stuck us a consumer as I made huge improvements on the meds. I’m talking 12+ years ago I started.

I finally got my self to the point of taking as little as possible without ending up wanted to end myself.

So life goes on and problems change. I went from depression and no motivation to productivity and positivity to the point that I can’t keep up with it.

So similar to your thoughts on health and diet etc. this obsidian build has been about 4 years in the making and it’s something I have to do in order to keep growing.

Thank you for the message I really appreciated it

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