Help Linking VS2022 to Obsidian

HI, All;

I am attempting to link Obsidian notes from within a .md file in Visual Studio 2022. My link syntax is:

LvlBrep.cs <a href="obsidian://open?vault=VesselCamBrain&file=1.%20VesselCam%20Project%2FClasses%2FVC_Core%2FLvlBrep.cs">link</a>

When the Link is executed is get a site permission error as shown below:

Clicking the information button says there are security issues. Because Obsidian is local, and not a https site, I need help with either Windows 11, or Edge, permission settings to prevent this warning window from appearing. The link does work if I press the ‘Open’ button and takes me to the correct note in Obsidian, but this seems an unnecessary step.

Thanks much, Dave.