Help importing json data into Obsidian... esp. the Handlebar template!

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Dear Obsidianistas,

I would like to ask for help importing json data into Obsidian.

Here’s the deal: I have a lot of R code snippets in an old snippet manager called CodeBox that stopped being developed and will break eventually forthe mac. Hence, I have wanted to migrate to a new, modern app with a wide user base and under active development.

Obsidian fits my bill and seems that it’d be a great snippets manager/coding notebook. The Codebox library is in a json file with info for folders, snippet groups, snippet content, titles, tags, notes, and assets. FYI, I know virtually nothing about json.

Thankfully, Obsidian has a json importer plugin. However, I tried it and it didn’t work because I didn’t create a suitable Handlebar template file. That wasn’t surprising as I know even less about Handlebar template files. Probably because I think the Handlebar template file is built around a json file’s structure which I also know little about.

Consequently, I need help to make a Handlebar template file to get my snippets json data into Obsidian. I’m open to feedback on the next steps if someone generous would help me out.

Thanks a bunch,


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One thing that would be super helpful in figuring out how to make a working handlebar template file is an example of a json data file and an accompanying handlebar template file.

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