Help for my Obsidian workflow

I started with Obsidian the last 4 week and shows a lot of youtube videos. But I have some questions.

  1. For example I wrote some notes where I used the word python for the programming language. Then I wrote a Note for python. Now I will replace in every note the word python with [[python]]. But I don’t want if I have a tag named python that it is replaced by [[python]] in the metadata. And in the future when I type the word python I want to be reminded that I have the Note [[python]].

Is that possible, if so how or do i need a specific plugin?

  1. And there we come to my second question I read an very intresting article.

A Guide On Links vs. Tags In Obsidian Because of this i ask myself the question is it useful to create tags like #python, #css and #html or should i keep a tag more general maybe like #programming? In favor of having fewer tags. On the other hand, with dataview I am very flexible when creating mocs. What are your experiences? And again the question is there a good plugin to manage tags?

Sorry for my bad english its not my general language.
And thanks for helping!!!

This plugin kind of does what you’re looking for without you having to make those tags.

Thanks for the fast answer but the link dosen`t work.
I tried with too Browser an when I look with the developer tool there ist no link.

  1. The software will never remind you that a word corresponds with an existing note. It never will automatically create internal links (it automatically created external links from URI-formatted strings, though).

    To not link just for the pleasure of linking. Link functionally, i.e., where the link is providing a significant contribution to the ideas of the current note.

    Otherwise, you will “dilute” your links. When you later consult a note, and want to retrieve relevant connected ideas, you do not want many links that are only linked to the current note in a cursory way. You only want the related information that is meaningfully contributing.

    Thus, you should do the effort of considering: is a link to that note really of added value here or not?

  2. With tags, there is a much higher risk to create “dilution” than by over-liberate linking. Before you know, you have thousands of tags. You don’t remember them and it becomes difficult to locate a tag.

    Some people therefore prefer to reserve tags more to denote a “status” , e.g. #todo, #done, or a type, e.g. #article, #book.

    Links in fact can act as tags for content. As such, you can see your [[python]] link as a tag. It refers to a tagnote, connecting every note that is related to the python programming language. This way, if a note is connected to python, it can contain a tag [[python]]. Only once, as sort of a tag, or within a sentence if the contents of the [[python]] note are importantly connected to the contents of the current note, i.e, not just by the mere fact that this also “is about python”.

Just my personal view, of course.

Oops, sorry! I was trying to link to the “Smart Connections” plugin. It might do what you need without you having to create links or tags.