Help for displaying external links in dataview table

Hi, I am pretty new to Obsidian, YAML, Javascript, and the “dataview”-plugin in general. I would like to do the following and I haven’t found an answer yet.

I would like to have a dataview table with a column named “Links”, which displays all the external links which are in a note in folder “A”.

I have a folder called “Podcasts”. In this folder are the following notes: “Podcast A”, “Podcast B” and “Podcast C”. Each of these notes has one or many external links to podcast platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Apple-Podcast and so on. The links are normally written like [Link name]/(html-address) <<< without the “/”

The table in the example above should consist of 3 rows that list the name of the Note + all the links of the note in the “Links”-column.

How would I do this?

Here is how I would go about it…

You need to add some metadata to your files for the links. Just add a “link::” in front of each individual link:

link:: Podcast 1 - A

then a dataview query like this should work:

TABLE File, link as "Links"
FROM "Podcasts"

Thank you very much. It worked.

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