Help for a python script

I’m starting to have too many images that are not and will no longer be used in my vault.
So I was looking for a way to have a list of unlinked images so I could check them one by one and delete them by hand.
I haven’t really found any plugins that work for me, because I use an image library with the excalidraw plugin, in which all my images are linked. So I need to be able to exclude files from the link search.
I don’t know enough about javascript, but I do know a bit about python, so I wanted to make a python script that browses the images in my images folder, and looks for links to images throughout my vault, if an image has no link anywhere, it adds it to a list that it then inserts into a markdown file.
This seemed to work, but I end up with images that are listed but linked elsewhere, and the opposite…
I tried to use chatGPT, but it didn’t really help.
So if anyone knows a bit about python and can look at my code, thanks in advance.

import os
import re
from pathlib import Path

# Root folder for Markdown files
dossier_racine = Path("D:/Base_de_connaissance")

# Root media folder (with emoji)
dossier_media = dossier_racine / "10🖼️ Médias"

# Output file for unused images
fichier_sortie = "D:\\Base_de_connaissance\\"

# List for storing file names of unused images
images_utilisees = set()

# Regular expression to search for Markdown image links in wikilinks format
regex_lien_image = re.compile(r"(\!?\[\[!?)\s*([^|\]]+)(?:\|[^|\]]+)?\s*]]")

# Function for extracting image names from a Markdown file
def extraire_noms_images(contenu):
    liens_images = regex_lien_image.findall(contenu)
    noms_images = [lien[1] for lien in liens_images]
    return noms_images

# Recursive function for browsing Markdown files
def parcourir_fichiers_markdown(dossier):
    for chemin_fichier in dossier.glob("**/*.md"):
        if chemin_fichier not in fichiers_a_exclure:
            with open(chemin_fichier, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as file:
                contenu =
                noms_images_fichier = extraire_noms_images(contenu)
                for nom_image in noms_images_fichier:
                    # Marquez le nom de l'image comme utilisé

# Get a list of images in the media folder
images_dossier_media = set([ for f in dossier_media.glob("**/*") if f.is_file()])  # Utiliser les noms avec extension

# List of Markdown files to exclude
fichiers_a_exclure = [
    str(Path(dossier_media, "Excalidraw/Librairie d'")),
    str(Path(dossier_media, "Excalidraw/Librairie d'")),
    "D:\\Base_de_connaissance\\"  # Ajout du fichier à exclure

# Call the recursive function to browse Markdown files

# Find unused images by comparing names with extension
images_non_utilisees = images_dossier_media - images_utilisees

# Write unused image links to output file with extension
with open(fichier_sortie, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as sortie:
    for image in images_non_utilisees:

print(f"Les liens d'images non utilisées (avec extension) ont été enregistrés dans {fichier_sortie}")

Only thing I can think of is that your regex expression doesn’t appear to search for the form of links which may have slipped in to your notes.

Thank you, I did check but my regex expression looks fine, to search for all links including image links: regex101: build, test, and debug regex

I typed “” which is standard markdown links rather than wikilinks but that didn’t come through…

and that didnt come through either! I meant left and right square bracket and left and right round brackes!

Yes, I forgot to mention but all my links in obsidian are in wikilinks format.

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