[HELP] First time plugin dev trying to extend MarkdownView

Hi, first time plugin dev here. I’m working on a plugin that allows the user to select/mark arbitrary text parts of external markdown files. In order to accomplish this, i tried extending the existing MarkdownView from obsidian.

Unfortunately, i can’t get it to work. When i call this.app.workspace.getLeavesOfType(EstFileView.viewType); i get a null result. There seems to be something special going on with the MarkdownView type. If i extend ItemView instead of MarkdownView , it works without problems, e.g. the result of this.app.workspace.getLeavesOfType(EstFileView.viewType); is the view.

Some excerpts:

I registered the view:

            (leaf: WorkspaceLeaf) => new EstFileView(leaf, this.settings)

I create the view and right afterwards try to get it, but the result is null:

        await this.app.workspace.getRightLeaf(true).setViewState({
            type: EstFileView.viewType,
        //    active: true,

        const views = this.app.workspace.getLeavesOfType(EstFileView.viewType);
        console.log("views of type", views);

Beginning of my view class:

import { ItemView, MarkdownView, WorkspaceLeaf } from "obsidian";
import type { PluginSettings} from "../main"
import type TrackedFile from "../model/TrackedFile";

export default class EstFileView extends MarkdownView {

If i change extends MarkdownView to extends ItemView here, everything works fine.

Does anybody have an idea how to get a view extending MarkdownView to work or is there maybe a better approach to this? Basically i just need a view that can display Markdown text, and that gives me the ability to mark and highlight certain areas of the text.

What would also help would be to take a look at the MarkdownView sourcecode. But it looks like that part is closed source by the obsidian developers. Is that correct?