Help documentation - "List of plugins" to include "Templates"

Documentation request within the Help vault.

Within the “Settings > Core plugins” is an entry for “Templates”

There is no documentation on the “Templates” core plugin within the help vault.

Steps to reproduce

Open “Help” vault.
Use File Explorer to navigate to Plugins
Use File Explorer to further drill down to “List of plugins”

Expected result

Between [[Daily notes]] and [[Zettelkasten prefixer]], I expected to see a numbered entry for “Templates”

In the image below I expect the Help vault to have “15. Templates” prior to “15. Zettelkasten prefixer” which is in image below. The destination of the link would describe the functionality of the “Templates” core plugin.

Actual result

No space or documentation allocated for Templates plugin.


  • Operating system: Win10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.15

Additional information


I don’t know which version of the help vault you have. But this is present in the latest version.