[HELP] Define a PKM as Project Manager IT

I’m looking for a way to structure my job notes as a Technical Project manager in IT field. I looked to Obsidian about 1 year ago but I still stuck to define a folder structure for my notes, so I decided to skip for a better time.

What I find really difficult is define a personal PKM that could work for me, actually I manage all my notes with OneNote and is working pretty good, but sometime I can’t decide to put some mixing note about more project for ex.

Lets I explaining my current workflow with oneNote:

  • I have top folders with my current job project, like: Project A, Project B etc.
  • I take note of all my meeting distinguish primarily by the type and audience of meeting, for example, I have a subfolder inside each project, as /Sprint Review ( for recurrent sprint meeting) , /Call Dev ( for informal call with dev team), /Call Design, /Call Marketing, /Call Client etc. I also take note of some info regarding project, like links, functional specification, deadline in other subfolder inside the project folder.
    This structure is pretty recurrent for any project
  • To add complexity, weekly I have calls like a briefing for any project in which we talk about all the current working projects, for instance A and B, but also other minors not tracked.
    Sometime I have other call like that in which we talk about more project.

Now I read a bunch of articles, tutorial, github samples and watched video about how structure a PKM, and what I understood most users prefer use links to bind different note, other using PARA method which prefer a folder linking system, or both.

Anyway I’m quite near to a solution for my PKM, my requirements are I just wanna take notes of meeting, have a MOC about each project where access easily and record a daily log of my notes, so I end to this conclusion:

Daily Notes/
Daily Notes/YYYY-MM-DD.md
Projects/Project A
Projects/Project A/Project A.md ( a MOC of the project)
People/ (to linking people)

But I can’t define a structure to record my meetings and my other notes about a project, I don’t know if is better put inside a project or inside the root, like:

  1. Projects/Project A/Sprint Review/
    Projects/Project A/Call Design/
  2. Meetings/ (put here all the meeting note, no distinguish by project and type)
  3. Meetings/Sprint Review/ put here all the sprint review note of all the projects

Can you suggest a better way to structure meeting notes?