Help customizing sidebar for Calendar app to show notes created on selected day

Hi there-

I have the Calendar plugin and love how I can jump to the daily note. I want to make it so when I click a date, also show all notes that were created / modified on that day the sidebar. I can do this in a dataview in the daily note, but would be cleaner to show it on the Calendar.

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean. Any suggestions on how to do that? It’s behavior similar to what the Chronology plugin does but with the jump to daily note.


Without any plugin, you could make use of the backlinks feature to achieve that effect. That would require you to tag your notes with the current date. Then, all notes referring to that date will show up in the backlinks pane, which can be moved under the calendar.

Using the core templater plugin, you could automatically insert a link to the date you created the note by inserting [[{{date}}]]. This could be added in the file properties to have it out of the way.

“Modified” will be more difficult to automate with core plugins. Either you need the discipline to update manually (perhaps good to ensure that only significant updates are logged) or use community plugins community plugins that can insert modified dates (but then, inserting a “comma” will count as an “update”).

Alternatively, opening your daily note in a pane below the calender also will have a similar effect.

Thanks for the reply!

For “opening your daily note in a pane below the calendar” … how do I achieve that? And will it change when I click on the calendar to whatever date is being selected?

That would do exactly what I’m looking for if possible.

Dragging a tab around the screen allows to reposition a note, also to appear in a side bar. However, linking that view with the calendar likely will not work: it will update the active note in the center pane.