Help creating inline DataviewJS query which looks for files with specific property value

Hi! I am new to dataview and am trying to redo my entire vault. I am trying to achieve something when combined with the MetaData Menu plugin, but cannot get things to work (due to my very limited understanding of dataview)

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a MultiFile class in Metadata Menu which shows only those files which have a specific property value. Since it has to work with metadata menu, it has to be a dv.pages() query (or current, as long as it has the asme output format) using inline dataviewJS. I am then trying to filter those results to just show those files which correspond to my property and value specified

Things I have tried

I have tried many queries myself for the past couple of hours, scoured through the documentation, looked online for tutorials and people who might have had the same question, but cannot find an answer as of yet. That’s why I’ve come here now to ask for help

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done something similar, here’s the code I have to include items in two fileClasses and not include templates:

dv.pages('').where(p => (p.fileClass == 'People' || p.fileClass == 'Places') && p.file.path !== 'Meta').map(p =>

That works perfectly, thank you!

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