[help]-[backlinks]-[usage]-Could someone tell me how could you use "automatically-link"?

Hello buddys

Can OB auto-detect the keywords of the content to automatically link the existing cards?

I always write something without checking whether or not something similar has already existed there. If some plugins or updates can automatically highlight the keywords which could be made as cards already, It will certainly save me from being a retard.


not sure I understood what you intend to achieve.

Are you saying:

  1. You don’t remember the names of the previous notes and you want the software to make suggestions to you? Well, why don’t you start typing [[ and then the suggestions will appear? At the same time, it’s a good idea to actually start naming your notes according to some universal scheme, so that they don’t get buried under hundreds of other notes like it happens in other note-taking software.

  2. You don’t remember the exact wording of what you’ve written before and you want something like heat map suggestion described, e.g., here? Currently, you can use existing search in Obsidian.

  3. You don’t remember and you don’t want to remember what you’ve written before and you want the software to magically guess your thought and interlink them together, skipping any intellectual effort on your side? If you find that piece of software, please let me and everyone on the forum immediately know. We’ll ditch Obsidian and other note-taking tools once and for all.

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Well, sorry for my bad expression dude.
I mean when i start to write something, i will do it without drawing any marks include"[[". And i would like to know whether or not Obsidian can automatically use “[[” mark to highlight all the keywords of my working paper. Those keywords could be the titles or sub-titles(like ##) of my pervious papers.

(Semi-)automatic backlinking does not work with headings (afak), only with filenames; there’s a nice youtube video that explains quite well how you could use backlinks for creating links between notes:

I think somebody in this forum wrote a script that can automate this process…

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t’s really helpful dude. some functions this video mentioned i did not notice. Now i am starting the official help pamphlet…

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Does anybody know who wrote the script to automate this process? It would be very useful to me!