Help about Setting Vaults and moving files from one to another + PKM

Hello, I am new to obsidian and find it incredible !

My goal is to use Obsidian for learning time management like GTD, ZTD, Zettelcasten etc…
So I created a first vault call LEARNING for that purpose.

I also need to make it for GTD projects. So I created a François Vault with contains every projects of my life.

I succeeded importing my notes from apple note and Evernote but I need to clarify them.

The problem is that some notes and folders belongs to one vault and others belongs to another.

I wonder if I took rightly the problem :

  1. Is it better to make only one vault and have everything in the same vault whatever is the subjects ? Or is it better to have specific vault per big domain of interest (eg if tomorrow I make research in art or philosophie I will have to make many vaults…)

  2. If I keep Vaults like big " areas " (eg About 10 / 15vaults) like I do for now how can I move one not to another vault and how can I do is simply without taker an infinitive time for this there is about 3000 notes !

Thanks you so much for your help

There is a mechanism to refer to notes from one vault from inside another one. Look it up in the help but from memory it involves using a “obsidian://vault/notes” method when creating a link.

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