Hello everyone Google calendar integration with obsidian is very necessary/

Hello everyone Google calendar integration with obsidian is very necessary, but all the plugins that I found do not work in an intuitive way and DO NOT CONTAIN step-by-step instructions for operation. Can you tell me if there are working solutions for working with google calendar in obsidian right now?

I got it to work, using the Google Calendar community plugin by YukiGasai, but it was, indeed, a monstrous setup process. :joy:

Among other things, I had to pretend that I was a software developer (or something of the sort…), wrestle with Google’s console of some sort… The setup was something like 39 steps, I think. Credit to the plugin author, because he provided such detailed step-by-step installation instructions in a PDF file, that I was able to follow them easily, even though I had no idea what I was doing. :rofl:

I ended up with a working Google Calendar plugin in Obsidian, but for now, maybe similarly to you, I have no idea how to accomplish in it the very thing I was setting it up for: the ability to pull “due dates” from my Obsidian (I also use the Tasks community plugin by Martin Schenck & Clare Macrae here in Obsidian), and display them as events in my Google Calendar.

I’m currently lost, unsure whether this Google Calendar plugin can even accomplish that. If it’s meant simply to display Google’s calendar within Obsidian – well, I don’t really need that. :blush: I can always launch Google Calendar in a regular browser window via a keyboard shortcut, after all.

I’m a long-time Dynalist user, and Google Calendar integration in Dynalist (by the makers of Obsidian) works pretty smoothly, and is easy to set up. You basically push a single button, and that’s it. I’m surprised it’s such a stupendous task here in Obsidian.

The Google Calendar integration in Dynalist is almost perfect: the only thing it can’t do, via Dynalist, is to set up notifications (pop-ups or emails). But the due-dates get transferred reliably from Dynalist to Google Calendar as events. I’d be very grateful if the Google Calendar plugin could accomplish the same thing here in Obsidian, but just like you, I’m currently lost as to whether it can do it at all, and if so, how. :man_shrugging:

I also got it the Google calendar plugin to work… and almost do what I want it to do,
which is just display the events of the day in the daily note.

I have a code block

type: schedule
navigation: true
showAllDay: true
timespan: 1
offset: 0

which displays the current day’s events but of course re-executes every time I open the note. What I want is for it to display the events of the daily note day.

I can use js moment() (except I don’t know js). I’m trying to work out how I can use the filename as an input variable to the moment() function.

I tried this, but it doesn’t work:
date: ;window.moment(tp.file.title, “YYYY-MM-DD”).startOf(“day”);

can you move the Obsidian task to the Google calendar?

Hey @moira could you manage to display a fixed date in your daily note?
I see the problem by revisiting my daily note that the displayed calendar date is not the date from the note any more.
It would be great to have a fixed view displayed there.

could someone manage to display the creaton date in your daily note?
Thats my current attempt:

date: 2023-08-08
type: schedule 
showAllDay: true 
timespan: 1 
timeframe: 1
offset: 0

This works to display a fix date. But how could I use for example the creation date of the file in here? Or maybe the title of the note?