Heatmap Calendar WHERE clause Link


What I’m trying to do

I want to limit the output of the heatmap calendar with a WHERE clause.
In this case I only want the output for files with the link [[leisure]]

Things I have tried

the relevant line is:

.where(p => p.type == "[[leisure]]")

hereby type is an inline field.
The whole code looks like this:

dv.span("# all amounts") 
const calendarData = 
    year: 2023,  // (optional) defaults to current year
	    red:    ["#ffc9ba", "#FC8868", "#FC3700", "#D43100", "#942000"] 
    showCurrentDayBorder: true, // (optional) defaults to true
    defaultEntryIntensity: 4,   // (optional) defaults to 4
    intensityScaleStart: 0,    // (optional) defaults to lowest value passed to entries.intensity
    intensityScaleEnd: 1500,
    entries: [],
//DataviewJS loop
for (let page of dv.pages('"my_folder"')
	 .where(p => p.amount)
	 .where(p => p.type == "[[leisure]]")
	    //dv.span("<br>" + page.file.name) // uncomment for troubleshooting
	    let month = page.file.cday.month <= 10 ? "0"+page.file.cday.month : page.file.cday.month;
	    let day = page.file.cday.day <= 10 ? "0"+page.file.cday.day : page.file.cday.day;
	    let uglydate = page.file.cday.year+"-"+month+"-"+day;
	        date: uglydate,  
	        intensity: page.amount,
	        content: dv.span(`[[${page.file.name}|]]`),

renderHeatmapCalendar(this.container, calendarData)

without the WHERE clause with the link I get:

As soon I set in the relevant (link) line, there is an empty output.

Which syntax I have to use?

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rummaging around on discord, I found something

.where(p => p.type == "[[leisure]]")

has to be changed to

.where(p => String(p.type).includes("leisure"))

that works… for now.
If someone has a better more elegant solution, please let me know.

Thanks to all who have stopped by
…and good night

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