Headlinks: displaying only the paragraph and ignoring title content

What I’m trying to do

I need to bring the added content of some notes automatically into my working drafts.

I usually use blocklinks, but every paragraph I add, I need to generate a new link and update my working draft.

To save time, I use the heading links (![[Note^H1]]).

Let’s imagine this note:

Permanent note


§ 1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
§ 2 consectetur adipiscing elit.

When I add the ![[Note^H1]], is it possible to bring only the content of § 1 and § 2 WITHOUT the title “MY NOTE TITLE”?

What I want is that if I add a third paragraph to my literature note, it automatically brings this new paragraph into my draft, but i don’t want the head title.

Thank you!

Hi @braficoi

Check out this post, How do I embed notes without the title it is on the same thing you are asking for. I haven’t tried it myself but others in that thread say it works.

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