Headings that act as searches

While they don’t have to be headings, this is how I picture it…

You have a continuously expanding note that is just a long list of links you regularly add to.

You have various criteria you like to organize the links by.

This plugin allows you to create a heading using that search criteria, and consistently updates it as you add to the note’s root link list which is designated in a certain heading.

The thing that separates this from saved searches is that this allows you to compose regular text and also add additional links directly to them, and they will work so long as they fit the criteria.

Also, links are not limited to being shown in one heading.

I have all kinds of additional ideas and options for this plugin but wanted to keep this somewhat short.


I think the plugin Text {{expand}} suit your needs

It will update the links everytime you refresh the list.

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I think that appears to be doing what I am looking for in reverse, but I will have to look at it closer. It is remarkably similar and perhaps does exactly what I am looking for.

I guess I am wondering if I pasted a list of links into one of those headings would it only paste those that fit? I will check it out.

Also I am thinking the plugin could access a defined list rather than having to define it on a per heading basis.

But you are very right. This probably could suit my needs and potentially fit them.

Much appreciated.