Headings Shortcut

Use case or problem

To get a H4 Heading, I have to type out ‘####’ every single time. ### Proposed solution
Would be much simpler if we could instead just '#4 ’ instead.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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Nope. This is not standard Markdown.

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I have six templates for this. ‘1’ has one hash, ‘2’ has two hashes, etc. Very easy to use the template hotkeys to insert the right number of hashes.

My hotkey for ‘insert template’ is CMD /, so I just have to type that, the number for the heading level I want, and then press enter.

I have other templates for tables, iFrames, dataview, inline queries, lorem ipsum, inserting the date and time, etc. Speeds things up.


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Yup, or you could use a systemwide text expander like Espanso or Alfred.

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