Headings not being recognised

Steps to reproduce

If you type fairly fast “## any text” the editor, for some uncanny reasons, will not recognise the "### " as heading. See video:


Used sandbox vault.

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If you restart obsidian, do the headings work?

No! That’s why this is boggling me so much… And it’s a bug. I didn’t respected the form because honestly these are days really busy for me and I can’t afford wasting too much times on forums.

Hope this does not offend you, I think what I presented explain all there’s to explain.

Thank’s and sorry.

Attach a copy of file that doesn’t work.

I believe you are somehow inputting some weird character.

Here it is:
Untitled.md (49 Bytes)


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Well that explains it… But why does this happen?

I mean, I’m just pressing # followed by spacebar… On my keyboard in order to produce “#” I have to press alt + button next to enter key, perhaps if I type fast enough the computer instead of taking as input just the spacebar after I typed the #, it takes alt+spacebar? And that alt+space bar produce that character?

How can I get a confirmation of this? What app did you used?


Edit: I confirm, if I type alt+spacebar then the problem is fully reproduced.

I see you figured it out, and it’s because of your keyboard layout/config.

Alternatively if this remains a problem, you can map “Toggle heading”, or “Set as heading 1, 2, 3”, etc. to hotkeys.

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