Headings brake

I make an Index file.
So it shall look like:

Heading 1


Heading 2

(No heading)

Heading 1

BUT when I do so - text is under (Not heading) so it is not independent. It collapses when I hit Header.
How to break Header? Maybe special symbols or so?
I did try many solutions like double space etc but doesnt work.
At present time I break Heading by adding # at the end but it doesn’t look nice

To my knowledge there isn’t any option besides a new header to divide a section under a header into two different section. Not sure if you could (or even should try) messing with the metadataCache and either the sections or headers listed in there.

I think my approach would possibly be to insert a header at the given level, and add a tag to it which triggered a CSS to hide the entire header whenever not in Source mode.

So with a CSS snippet containing something like:

.is-live-preview:not(.cm-active) .cm-line:has(.cm-tag-hide),
.HyperMD-header-2:has(.cm-tag-hide) {
  /* background-color: yellow; /* */
  display: none;

You could add a header like## #_hide, and it’ll hide the header. So try it with something like:

## First header

with some text

## #_hide 
In a "hidden" section

# Second real header

Yet some text

And after collapsign the first header you should get something like:

You don’t need that separator line per se, but it felt kind of weird without it.