Heading Note Link Copy Option

Requesting the option to copy a Heading Note Link by right-clicking the Heading of interest.

Use case or problem

In many cases, we have the source note open while composing a new note with Heading Links and transclusion/embeds. It would be faster and easier to extract an internal link from the source if we could simply right-click and copy it for pasting.

Proposed solution

And an entry to the right-click menu for “Copy heading note link”

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Copy Block Link community plugin enables this and much more GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-copy-block-link: Get links to blocks and headings from Obsidian's right click menu.


We definitely need this. We have many more advanced context menu commands such as Copy Obsidian URL and Bookmark this heading, based on this we should have Copy internal link to this heading.

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Nice! Thanks. That’s great!
Still seems like something that should be a base feature at some point though.

Also, what do you mean by,

Seems like that’s the single thing this plugin does.

Yes, in part … but it also provides for the ability to copy as a block and both transcluded link (embed) to both a header and a block.

To me the most important aspect of this plugin is that it “knows” the difference between:

  • a header and a block.
  • It can differentiate between a list item in a header and single block of text within a header (separated by a blank line before and after).

But there is at least one significant complication: if you change the source header name and don’t remember it, the link is broken. There are several feature requests and bug fix requests in the realm of links to headers and blocks.

  • This complication needs to be stated in the help docs.

  • I hope, in the future, that links to headers and blocks have their own properties (type, for example)

  • try explaining all of this to a new or even many experienced users and you get a blank stare:) And, sadly, many orphaned links to fix later (if they can be fixed - learned the hard way).

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I see the block features now. Thanks. Sweet plugin. So useful!

Those drawbacks are a bummer. I’m glad requests are in to address them.

Although it doesn’t exactly satisfy your problem, there is the Insert Heading Link-Plugin, which allows you to directly search for headings inside of a new wikilink. This can help sometimes, as you won’t always remember the file name, especially for a file with multiple headings.

Also QuickSwitcher++ community plugin supports inserting links. I’m not sure if it supports wikilinks [[#heading]] format.

It does support Wikilinks. Thanks for pointing that one out, as it probably is the most “elegant” solution to this problem :raised_hands:

fantastic plugin.

thanks for sharing.

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I’ve been using it for a while. I think it suffices as a solution.
It seems like something that Obsidian should integrate but I’m glad for this plugin. It works fine.