Headers not folding after six #

I have tried going into settings and switching on and off “fold heading”. I need to keep making folding portions of a document and it stops folding after 6. Thanks

I can’t replicate this. Can you try changing themes and see if this a theme related issue?

Hey @matt21093,

This is because the max level for headings is six: see Markdownguide on Headings. This is bc markdown follows html (and html offers six levels of headings.) Those are the origins of markdown, I believe: developed to make writing for web pages easier, in the days where you were writing directly in html (or so I think.)


Thank you for the information and background. Is there any workaround?

PR-C, can you give some more detail? Are you saying you’re able to fold level 7 and higher? Are you sure you don’t have a plugin that is enabling this?

I’m testing in the Sandbox vault, and the 7th level isn’t even recognized as a header, and can’t fold.

I think I misunderstood your question, I thought you were reporting that you could only fold 6 headers regardless of thei umber of # symbols beforehand. As @duifkruid said, Markdown specs do not allow more than ###### headers.

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